Table designed by Sami Vanhanen

Stone Magic Ltd (founded 1989) is a Finnish stone product manufacturer, specialized in creating stone products for both indoors and open air.

The Stone Magic products are mostly hand made of natural stone. Natural stone has a very small carbon footprint and it is eternal and strong material. Most of our stones are of Finnish origin.

Our product assortment include both modern stone tables, stone bowls and working surfaces made of stone as well as traditional stone products such as gravestones.

Additionally, we are interested in manufacturing totally new stone products according to Your needs.

The Stone Magic products can be customer tailor made. Please contact us, if you would like to know more about our products and how they can be tailor designed. We are happy to inform you about our way of working, our terms of trade, and delivery times.

If you need something made from stone, we can deliver it.

We are able to deliver our products anywhere in the world.